Welcome to Clarence Gate Gardens!

Clarence Gate Gardens is a wonderful 114-year old mansion block in Marylebone, London... and the Residents' Association have created this website to help current residents, future residents, tenants and everyone else with useful information - from the fascinating history of the building itself, some of the famous people who have lived here in the past, to some of the great places to eat, shop and socialise in our local community.  Not to mention the exciting things happening locally (opposite)...

If you are a current resident... you may know some of this, but hopefully the website carries some useful information, and do please register for (and regularly access) the "Residents Area" for information just for residents.  We will update the site regularly, so do keep logging back in.

If you are thinking about buying a flat in the future... we hope there is plenty on here to whet your appetite, show you what a well run block this is, and what a great part of London this is to live!

If you are a current tenant... you will also already know what a great block this is, and this website is also to help you get more from your time with us.

If you are thinking about renting a flat in Clarence Gate Gardens... we hope there is information here to convince you that you won't look back.  There is also a really good article in the Evening Standard that is worth a look here.  However, do please be aware that under the terms of the leases here, the minimum let is six-months, and renting out a room in a shared flat is usually not permitted, so do be suspicious if you are offered a short-term or room-only let.


You can contact the CGG Resident's Association by emailing committee@clarencegategardens.org.uk.  Please note that your email - including contact details - may be passed on to all Committee members, unless you specifically request otherwise.

This web site is run on a volunteer basis and we are always grateful for your feedback and any additional content, so do please email webteam@clarencegategardens.org.uk.  Please also note that the Residents Committee cannot bear responsibility for anything on the site that may not be correct - for example notices about Health and Safety - everything here is to help you make more of Clarence Gate Gardens - but it cannot replace your own obligations.



The sun is shining, and there are things to do, places to go – with pubs, restaurants, hotels, museums and galleries all re-opening.  With non-essential travel within the UK and internationally slowly being relaxed, we can see some normality ahead, although the Government are still asking people to continue to stay working from home if they can.

Whilst this has been a long time coming, everyone hopes that this time it is for good, so please do not become complacent – and some of the latest news is a tad concerning – we all have a duty to follow the well-known rules around hand hygiene, social distancing and face coverings – and we urge all CGG Residents to continue to stay vigilant.  There are more details here

If you are a CGG Resident and need help during Lockdown, your first port of call should be our porters – Jimmy and Robert – who have done an amazing job during Lockdown (and before).  Whilst there is some relaxation in restrictions, we are not out of the woods yet, and we must stay vigilant, so they ask that Residents contact them by telephone in the first instance – NOT to visit their office – to keep the risk of spreading the virus to a minimum.

The best way to contact them is by telephone on 020 7723 5381 (Monday to Friday – 8am to 6pm – and Saturday – 8am to 12 Noon) or on 07721 834 964 or 07775 814 354 (both in emergencies only).  That said, please do be sensible in the sort of assistance that you ask them for!  You may also contact them by email on jimelliotthpcgg@aol.com.

Whilst many Residents are able to get out and about again, there are others who are still self-isolating or taking extra precautions.  If that is you, and you still need help with shopping, collecting a prescription, or anything else, contact committee@clarencegategardens.org.uk and we will put you in touch with a neighbour in your block who has already kindly volunteered to help fellow Residents at this time.  Likewise, if you need any assistance in attending your appointment for your vaccine, please get in touch, and we will try and help.

Finally, in such times of uncertainty now is a time when communities should come together - please keep an eye out for your neighbours - are they feeling worried? Can you offer to get them a newspaper or some groceries?  Or do they just need some reassuring words?  Please also support our local businesses - who need our custom more than ever.

Our History

The Clarence Gate Mansions were built between 1903 and 1909, named after the nearby Clarence Gate entrance to Regent's Park. This was a particularly poor and notoriously under-privileged part of London, where poverty, prostitution and petty crime was rife – very different to the area today. Discover More >