Clarence Gate Gardens Social Events


Clarence Gate Gardens is a great place to live – with over 300 neighbours living in 200 flats and apartments – some having been here for 30+ years – others just arriving in the last month.  What is more, there are residents from all corners of the world – with many different cultural experiences to share.

Whilst London has a reputation – somewhat erroneously – of being a city where people keep themselves to themselves, the truth tends to be somewhat different.  People are naturally social creatures, and enjoy meeting people – especially neighbours – and Marylebone is no different.

As such, in 2011 the Clarence Gate Gardens Residents' Association set up a Social Committee as a simple way to permit residents to meet their neighbours – in some cases for the very first time.  What is more, in 2018, one of our residents set up the "Let's Get Together Group" which is for anyone living in Clarence Gate Gardens, especially people who live on their own in our buildings.

The Social Committee has so far organised three Street Parties, numerous dinners in local restaurants, picnics in Regent’s Park, wine tasting, theatre trips and exclusively organised local walks by Blue Badge guides.

With the exception of the Street Parties, these have been small, informal events of c.20 neighbours.  All events are self-funding (e.g. the price of the meal divided by the number attending), and all are welcome.

In April 2011,  we were one of the many communities to celebrate the Royal Wedding (William and Kate) with a street party.    This was our first and a big event for us.   Almost everyone from the building attended with friends and family.   We think we had around 300 people on that day. Glentworth Street was closed by the  Westminster Council for the day and parking bays suspended to give us more space in the round.  Large trestle tables were installed down the middle of the street (with thanks from St Cyprian’s Church) and residents were encouraged to bring their own food to share with neighbours.   The Committee organised live bands to play, children’s entertainers, and hosted a raffle.  The event is completely free to attend, although everyone was encouraged to purchase raffle tickets.  Simon and Nicki Carter published a programme for the day, with features about the buildings history and past residents*.   The event was sponsored by local businesses which helped fund the event.     That weekend, there were many street parties held across London with much media interest.    Barbara Windsor, who lives locally, was invited to open the event while James Whale broadcast his LBC radio show outside on the street.    Since then we have held two further Street Parties - in June 2012 (to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee) and in 2014 (just for the fun of it!) - and will no doubt host another.

*content from the street party programme can be found here within Local History.

Past Social Events

The Social Committee have organised a number of events in the past.  These include:

Planned Social Events

Our most recent event was a dinner at the fantastic Italian Restaurant, Briciole -a mere 10 minute walk from CGG - on Friday 4th January 2019.  You can read all about it here - CGG Xmas Meal Briciole Jan 2019

There is likely to be another dinner early in 2020, so keep an eye out for details - on email and on this website.

The Social Committee is keen for ideas for future events, so if you have some thoughts, please share them with


Getting involved

The best way to know what is happening, when, and how to put your name down, is to join the email distribution of notices.  To do this, drop an email to with your name, flat number, and any suggestions you may have.  She will then ensure that you get early sight of all planned events.

Let's Get Together Group

This is a ‘get together group’ for anyone living in Clarence Gate Gardens, especially people who live on their own in our buildings. Currently we have about 20 people in our group

The group have been meeting for coffee/tea mornings every couple of months since May 2018.  Usually about 8-10 residents are free to come each time.  The group have met at the Garden Café at Regents Park a couple of times, Dorset Street Café, Rudolph Steiner Centre and The Sir John Balcombe pub.

The idea is to share interests, and maybe even to help each other from time to time.  When the group meet they often choose an interesting topic for discussion and it is great fun to hear - for example - about peoples favourite local restaurant.

If you are interested to join us either send Patricia an email at patriciakleinman113@gmail.comor telephone her on 0207 402 8000 or pop a note through her door - Flat 113 (Block 2).