Frequently Asked Questions

Clarence Gate Gardens is one of the best run apartment blocks in London. This is down to an excellent set of Managing Agents (HML Hawksworth) who are employed by the freeholders (Dorringtons), a fantastic set of Porters (especially Head Porter, Jimmy), a strong Freehold Company owned by the majority of Leaseholders, and above all, a community of conscientious Residents who are happy following a simple set of rules and regulations that have been designed for happy community living.

If you have any questions, your initial point of contact (and final arbiter) is always our Managing Agents, HML Hawksworth who you can contact at or 020 8948 9079. They have compiled the following set of guidance, based on the most often asked questions that they have received from Residents.



Whilst our Porters are here to help, and can often get you out of any scrape, do please be considerate to them and think carefully before calling them out of hours.  During office hours they will always try and help but bear in mind that they may not be able to assist immediately if they are busy elsewhere.

I have lost my keys and I am locked out – what can I do?

If you have given a spare set of keys, and it is during office hours, contact the Porters on 020 7723 5381 and they can assist

If you have given a spare set of keys, and it is outside of office hours, contact the Porters on 07721 834 964 and they can try to assist, but be aware there will be a call out fee of £75 (added to your Service Charge)

If the Porters do not hold a key, you are advised to call a professional locksmith directly.   Suggested local locksmith are:

but do ask their rates before proceeding.  This emphasises why it is a good idea to leave a set of keys with the Porters.

A fire has broken out in my flat – what should I do?

If the fire is not something you can safely extinguish yourself, immediately evacuate your flat and leave the building, closing all doors behind you.

Next, alert the Fire Service immediately by calling 999, and inform the on-call Porter on 07721 834 964.

Only return to your flat when you have been informed that it is safe to do.

I can smell smoke coming from another flat – what should I do?

If you see or smell smoke coming from anyone else’s flat, alert the Fire Service immediately by calling 999 and inform the on-call Porter on 07721 834 964.

Clarence Gate Gardens has a stay put policy.  If a fire breaks out in another flat within your block and is being tackled by the fire service, ensure all windows and doors in your flat are closed, do not use the lift, and remain in your flat if you are not able to exit safely via the stairs.

There is water coming into my flat from the apartment above – what do I do?

If there is water leaking into your flat, the first thing to do is to try and locate the source (usually the flat above you).  If you cannot locate the source quickly, then contact the Porters on 020 7723 5381 (office hours) or 07721 834 964(outside of those hours) and give them the details.  They will seek to contact the people where the problem lies to try to get it resolved.

I do not have any hot water – what should I do?

Constant hot water is provided from a communal system and is paid for out of the Service Charge.  It is pumped from the basement boiler house beneath Block 8 to all flats.  Please contact the Porters (on 020 7723 5381) if you have any problems with the hot water within your flat.

I do not have any cold water – what should I do?

Cold Water supplies (i.e. the mains supply to the kitchen tap) is received directly from Thames Water and may be subject to intermittent pressure restrictions, especially if your flat is on an upper floor.  If there is a break or drop in supply, the Thames Water website ( or Twitter feed ( may carry up to date information.  If not, the Porters may have received some information locally, especially if there has been an instance of burst pipes, but this supply is not the responsibility of the building management team.

With respect to Cold Water supplies to bathrooms and showers, CGG has a gravity-fed cold water systems with the cold water storage tanks positioned on a higher floor or roof space in the building above your flat.  The storage tanks are owners responsibility. If you have a problem with your tank you will need to call a plumber.


Noise and nuisance

The people in the flat next door are having noisy parties – what should I do?

All residents are asked to be considerate to their neighbours, and ensure that music, musical instruments and TVs are inaudible outside of their premises at all times, and are especially careful between the hours of 11pm and 8am.

If a neighbour is not abiding by this, in the first instance contact the Porters on 020 7723 5381 (office hours) or 07721 834 964 (outside of those hours), who will seek to assist.

A second course of action is to call Westminster City Council’s Noise Team on 020 7641 2000, at any time of the day or night.

Finally, you can contact the Managing Agents, HMLH, who have the authority to take action against the leaseholder.  They can be contacted at or 020 8948 9079.

I am bothered by pests – mice, moths and/or pigeons – what should I do?

Pest control operatives visit CGG regularly and measures are taken to control mice, moths and pigeons in the common parts and outside all of the buildings.  If you have problems in your flat, please speak to the Porters for advice.


Community Living

I have large items of rubbish to dispose of – what should I do?

Disposal of large items (mattresses, furniture etc.) can be arranged directly with Westminster Council for a reasonable charge.  The CGG cleaning contractors remove general household rubbish daily and recycling on a Tuesday evening  but large items and furniture are the responsibility of individual residents.  The Porters may be able to advise Residents but removal is done by Westminster City Council.

If you have belongings that you feel could be reused, there are charities that will collect these free of charge.  The British Heart Foundation operates a collection service in this area.  For their details click here.

I am expecting a parcel delivery, but I won’t be here – what can I do?

Most parcel delivery companies know that if there is no reply at the address they are delivering to, to try a neighbour or take it to the Porters’ office (during their office hours).  In the cases of the latter, your delivery will be kept securely, and the Porters will notify you as soon as possible.

Please note that the Porters are not insured to carry large boxes and parcels, therefore you will need to make arrangements to collect parcels from the Porters’ office during their office hours.  The porters are not liable for any delivery that requires a signature and are instructed not to take in deliveries of perishable goods such as flowers and food.  A record of all parcels that have been signed for by the Porters is kept in the Porters’ office.

Is Clarence Gate Gardens equipped for disabled residents/visitors?

Like many residences built in this era (1903-1909), Clarence Gate Gardens does have steps to all flats.  That said, nine of the ten blocks have a lift that will take a wheelchair, and residents are welcome to use their own removable wheelchair ramp to access the half-dozen steps between the street and the lift (in two sets).  The porters are very happy to assist with requests for access help, although it is always best to let them know in advance, so that they can make themselves available.  Contact them on 020 7723 5381.

I would like to park my bicycle somewhere - do we have bike sheds

Yes we do - there are bike racks in the yard of Block 10.  If you wish to apply for use of this facility, please contact our Managing Agents - HML - at or on 020 7802 0000, for them to establish if any racks are available.  If they are, they will explain how to apply for one of them.  There is a fee of £50 per year, payable to HML Hawksworth, for the use of these racks, with a further £25 for a key (if you are not in Block 10).

I am new to the area, where do I find out where the nearest chemist/Post Office is, and where is good to go for somewhere to eat or a drink?

You have made a fantastic choice – Marylebone is a perfect base to explore London, the UK, and you can get most things you may need within a 20 minute walk!  We are also at the centre of some amazing bars, restaurants and cafes – to cater for all tastes and pockets.  The best place to start is here on this website –

I am new to the area – what is the best way to make new friends?

The Clarence Gate Gardens Residents’ Association has a Social Committee as a simple way to permit residents to meet their neighbours.  We also have a “Let’s Get Together Group” for anyone living in Clarence Gate Gardens, especially people who live on their own in our buildings.  So far, the Social Committee have organised three Street Parties, numerous dinners in local restaurants, picnics in Regent’s Park, wine tasting, theatre trips and exclusively organised local walks by Blue Badge guides; and the Let’s Get Together Group have met every couple of months in local cafés.

With the exception of the Street Parties, these have been small, informal events of c.20 neighbours.  All events are self-funding (e.g. the price of the meal divided by the number attending), and all are welcome.

If you would like to find out what is coming up with the Social Committee, email or see the section on the website here.  To find out more about the Let’s Get Together Group, email patriciakleinman113@gmail.comor telephone her on 0207 402 8000 or pop a note through her door - Flat 113 (Block 2).

Are there any major changes coming to Clarence Gate Gardens or our neighbourhood that I should be aware of?  How do I keep abreast of them?

Clarence Gate Gardens is a century-old building that is well looked after, due to the careful management of its Residents’ Association and Managing Agents.

Likewise, London is a vibrant city, and is always changing, and the Residents’ Association play an active role in ensuring that planning applications submitted by local businesses, by Westminster Council and by authorities like Transport for London, are in the best interests of residents in Clarence Gate Gardens.  We have recently played an active role with the Baker Street 2-way scheme, the future plans for Oxford Street, noise from the London Underground lines, and extended hours proposed by local businesses.

Our block is managed by an experienced Committee, and has a forward plan of major works – including internal and external refurbishment, boiler and lift maintenance, as well as keeping up-to-date with the latest technology with 1GB-capacity fibre-optic broadband internet and CCTV.

The Committee does NOT manage the block but liaises closely with the managing agents to keep updated with plans for future works and the likely financial impact.

The best way to keep up-to-date on both, is to register for regular email alerts (by contacting, logging into this website and observing the ever-changing Notice Board on the home page (, and/or by attending the annual CGG Residents’ Association AGM (details will be posted nearer the time).  Another good source of local information is the St Marylebone Society (, which the CGG Residents’ Association is a member.


Renovations, Sub-letting and Lodgers

I would like to renovate my apartment, what permissions do I need?

Residents intending to carry out repairs, building work or alterations (whether or not a licence is required) must apply to the Managing Agents for the appropriate consent/licence.  They can be contacted at or 020 8948 9079.

Residents will be expected to advise their trades people that no materials may be left in the common parts and that carpets must be protected with dust sheets etc.  Damage resulting from failure to follow this procedure will be the responsibility of the Owner/Resident.

Building work may only be carried out in your flat, between 8.30am and 12pm and between 2pm and 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

Transfer of building materials and use of the lift must be agreed with the Managing Agent.  The Lessee is responsible for any damage caused to common parts and the lift during such works.

Leaseholders must ensure that all non-domestic rubbish and building materials are removed from site within 48 hours.  A charge will be added to Leaseholder's Service Charge for the removal of any item or rubbish left onsite by contractors.

I want to sub-let my flat – who do I need to check with?

Landlord’s consent must be sought, in advance (in accordance with the lease terms), if any part of your flat is sub-let on a furnished or unfurnished basis.  Such consent should be obtained from the Managing Agents prior to entering into any sub-tenancy agreement.  They can be contacted at or 020 8948 9079.  If agreed, the Managing Agent will issue a Licence to Let.

It is the Lessee’s responsibility to ensure that their tenants comply fully with these Regulations.

Short-term tenancies - for less than 6 months - are prohibited in all properties within Westminster, including Clarence Gate Gardens.  This applies to lettings via AirBNB,, OpenRooms, and any such lettings would place you in breach of your lease.

I want to take in a lodger – do I need to get anyone’s permission?

Yes - it is exactly the same as sub-letting your flat.  Landlord’s consent must be sought, in advance (in accordance with the lease terms), if any part of your flat is sub-let on a furnished or unfurnished basis, including whether you are still living there or not.  Such consent should be obtained from the Managing Agents prior to entering into any sub-tenancy agreement.  They can be contacted at or 020 8948 9079.  If agreed, the Managing Agent will issue a Licence to Let.

It is the Lessee’s responsibility to ensure that their tenants comply fully with these Regulations.

Short-term tenancies - for less than 6 months - are prohibited in all properties within Westminster, including Clarence Gate Gardens.  This applies to lettings via AirBNB,, OpenRooms, and any such lettings would place you in breach of your lease.



How do I access the Resident area of the website?

Register for a unique access code by emailing HML at

When she sends that back to you, click on the <Resident Area> part of the website (see top right of the banner) –, and select <Register>.  Here you need to choose your preferred User Name… enter the code that HML send you where it says <Registration Code>… choose a password… and complete your personal details.  Finally click the <Register> button.

Now if you <Login>, and click the <Remember Me> box, you should automatically access the site each time you come back to it, and not need to do this again.

I have an issue that I would like the Residents’ Committee to look into.  How do I contact them?

The Clarence Gate Gardens Residents' Association is currently in abeyance, as the Freehold Company - which is owned by Leaseholders - provides a similar service to that that the CGG Residents' Association performed.  They can be contacted by the email address to, and your enquiry will be passed to the most relevant Board Director.

Past Residents' Association Committee Members can be found in the “Resident area” part of the website (if you are registered), along with the details of their Constitution and copies of Meeting Minutes.

Once a year you will have the chance to raise questions directly to the Committee at the Annual General Meeting, which still takes place despite them being in abeyance.  Details will be circulated near the time.

How do I register for email alerts about what is happening within Clarence Gate Gardens?

Send an email to, detailing your name and flat number, and that you consent to receiving regular alerts from the Residents’ Association

What data does the Clarence Gate Gardens Freehold Limited hold about me, and how is it used?

CGGFL only holds the data that you provide them – they do not get any information directly from HMLH.  This is likely to be limited to your name, flat number, email address and – if provided – telephone number.

Your email address is used solely to bring you information about CCG and happenings in our neighbourhood – it will never be shared with any third-party.

If you do not wish to receive non-mandatory updates from CGGFL, just let them know by emailing